Top 12 games like Sword Art Online Roblox

Roblox is a browser-based multiplayer sandbox game that has been around for almost 15 years and is presently one of the most popular. There is now a smartphone version.

Other MMO-type experiences that blend sophisticated RPG principles with spectacular action are included in our list of games like Sword Art Online (SAO).

The video games in the Sword Art Online franchise, based on the blockbuster anime, blend the universe and parts of the tale into an action-packed role-playing experience. The games include combo-based fighting that rewards knowledge of your opponent and accurate execution.

The video games are designed to give you an anime-like experience by allowing you to enter an MMO-like environment that you may enjoy even if you’re playing alone, due to NPC characters that are designed to simulate the aspects of a true MMO.

RPGs, or role-playing video games, are popular among players because they allow them to escape reality. It may transport them to a faraway location, assign them a destiny, or even supply them with an alternate present reality in which to carry out their lives.

Fortunately, Roblox offers a plethora of them, but some are so fantastic that they demand their own game platform.

These RPGs cover a wide range of themes, so there’s something for everyone. Some are free, while others need a fee, but all of these Roblox games will keep you entertained for hours. Here is our list of Top 12 games like Sword Art Online Roblox.

Top 12 games like Sword Art Online Roblox

Infinity RPG

Infinity RPG is a grind-based game where you complete fights to level up and become the best in all realms. There are more than 70 armor sets and 50 planets to explore, making it a large game. That will undoubtedly take you several hours to accomplish.

Roguelike games may be addictive, but a roguelike with RPG components takes it to the next level. You won’t be able to stop once you start clawing your way to the top and defeating even the game’s most difficult bosses.

Neverland Lagoon

Fans of Peter Pan will enjoy this game since it allows them to build their own characters, fly across the area, and transform into other beasts. As you struggle to earn riches and find all of the game’s hidden mysteries, you may make it anything you want.

You may even travel beneath the waves as a mermaid, and it’s the ideal game for plugging in your favorite song ID codes. This kind of adaptability is what makes fans want this RPG to come to consoles as well.


Anomic is an open-world RPG set in Nevada in the early 1990s that may be better than Skyrim. Because you’re in the desert, there’s not much to do, so you’ll have to figure out how to make money in order to survive.

In this circumstance, the player has a lot of possibilities. A person may become a sheriff, a truck driver, a store owner, or go to the canyons to generate money illegally. There are so many different ways to play and so many different areas to see, which is why this game has received such positive feedback from gamers.

Portal Heroes

As in other of the finest paid access games, Portal Heroes involves you fighting monsters and enlisting other heroes to aid you in your quest. As you go through the tasks, you will jump through portals, wield a sword, gather cash, and so much more.

It’ll keep you entertained for hours, and it’s one of those games that would be even better if it had its own gaming platform. Is it possible that a Roblox-style World of Warcraft game is on the way?

Swordburst 2

To proceed in this game, you must battle opponents and acquire things in an immense universe. There are new regions around every corner, but you must first defeat the boss to get access to them.

The player is given a sword, which they may use to defeat a variety of adversaries. Like Torchlight or Diablo, this is a game that is far more enjoyable when played with a group of friends.

  • 6. Clear Skies Over Milwaukee

games like Sword Art Online Roblox

This is a 1990s RPG that is designed to make the player feel like they are in the middle of a movie, but unlike other games, it is not purely story-driven. There are many hidden mysteries as well as activities to do in Milwaukee. There are also roles to perform as you figure out what role you’ll play in the game.

As crime in the city is the focal feature of this game, you can shoot guns or watch arrests take place. Consider it a blend of Fargo, Twin Peaks, and Grand Theft Auto.

  • 7. Warrior Cats: Ultimate Edition

Warrior Cats

You might be wondering how a beta can be so good, but it’s quickly becoming an RPG that deserves its own platform. It’ll set you back 35 Robux, but who wouldn’t spend that to live the life of a wild cat among a pack of cats? It will, at the very least, get people excited about the upcoming PS5 game Stray.

A single server in Warrior Cats may hold up to 50 cats. It’s a lot of fun to get together with your clanmates and explore the environment while trying to stay alive.

games like Sword Art Online Roblox

Horses are magnificent creatures, and this Roblox game deserves to be on its own platform. It’s a free-to-play game that immerses you in a world controlled by horses, which may seem unusual at first but is actually rather enjoyable. Here, everyone may channel their inner horsewoman.

You can choose to go on this journey as your Roblox character or as a horse of your choice in the game. The game incorporates fantasy aspects, as well as the choice of assisting your fellow horses or allowing humans to take control by domesticating the horses one at a time.

games like Sword Art Online Roblox

If you’re wondering if Roblox has an open-world role-playing game, the answer is a resounding yes. In this Roblox RPG, you may pretty much do whatever you want while exploring new locations and setting up camp whenever you want.

Backpacking also allows you to cook, swim, and kayak down rivers. Even if you’re confined indoors, you can still go on an outdoor trip.

games like Sword Art Online Roblox

Sundown Island is a location where no people live, thus you’ll be a wolf, but that doesn’t mean it’s completely safe. You may customize your wolf, and there are lots of enemies to fight while you’re here.

It’s been viewed about 20 million times, so it’s safe to assume that everyone who likes RPGs would appreciate this game.

games like Sword Art Online Roblox

In terms of Roblox experiences, this game is highly sophisticated. There are fabled weapons, monsters, and even other maps to discover. It will take you on a fantasy-themed trip that you will enjoy for hours. It’s similar to Skyrim or Dragon Age, but on a much smaller scale.

This game has been seen millions of times and is presently undergoing revisions. As a result, fans can expect tremendous things from this RPG, with more to come as the producers continue to improve it.

games like Sword Art Online Roblox

Knight Simulator is a massive role-playing game with over 200 weapons and close to 100 distinct armor sets to obtain. A summer event is also taking place in the game, with a slew of limited-time items and a brand-new environment to explore.

The game was previously known as “Limitless RPG” and was first launched in the year 2020. It has about three million unique hits and nearly 50,000 favorites since then. Around 400-500 people play the game on a daily basis. Definitely worth a look while the summer festival is still going on.

That’s it with our today’s article on Top 12 games like Sword Art Online Roblox. Do try all the sections and tell us your favorite. Till then, stay safe and follow us for more upcoming coverage.

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Best controller for COD Mobile 2022 (Best COD Mobile Controller)

COD Mobile has become one of the fastest-growing games on the mobile platform ever since its release back in October 2019. It is currently in its 13th Season with the 14th Season right around the corner. The console-like graphics, fast-paced gameplay have appealed to players all across the globe.

Are you a prolific COD player? Love to play face-off challenges? Yet, sadly, the mobile devices betray you at clutch moments. This tends to happen since your flexibility is curbed and the mobile device constraints the mobility of your fingers.

But the new controllers fix all the issues within a heartbeat. It enables users to play even better, aim better, maneuver around the map better.  We have checked the COD mobile controllers personally and given you some nice ones, suggested by our expert panel. So, without much ado’ let’s jump right into it.

Best controller for COD Mobile 2022

Gaming on smartphones has certainly gotten better in recent years as the main parts of our devices grow ever stronger. The Nintendo Switch is a testimony to just how much power we can get out of a handheld device, and our iOS and Android phones are no slouches when it comes to offering vast libraries of enjoyable games.

But, clicking around ludicrously on the screen without any tangible or tactile control mechanisms can make for a miserable experience, that would be easily remedied with a controller.

Mobile Controllers were designed to make your gameplay experience on your smartphones extra entertaining, enthralling, and rigorous. A portable controller for playing games helps to control the gameplay with its flexible and easy to maintain buttons and joystick.   They end up making the gameplay simpler and more convenient.

  • 1. BEBONCOOL Mobile Controller

Best controller for COD Mobile

This COD mobile controller supports both IOS and Android devices. This particular mobile controller comprises 12 motion control buttons along with a dedicated button to toggle the in-game Map.

Buttons are designed to suit the gameplay habits with multiple gestures. The dedicated map trigger button allows players to quickly glance at the in-game mini-map to pin-point enemies effectively. BEBONCOOL COD mobile controller works on devices of brands like Samsung, Sony, HTC, and Huawei, Apple etc.



Better control

Easy to use

Flexible fit to accommodate different types of phones


Decent battery


Low-quality software

Source: Amazon

GameSir G6 introduces you a COD mobile controller with an outstanding innovative design. It is a combination of controller and touch screen controls. The interface is configured by 10 controls and 1 ultra-thin 3D joystick, so you can refine motion control, leap, target and fire with extreme fluidity.

Supported on IOS phones as well, it comes with G-Touch technology that defines built-in Nordic 52832 chip with 3mAh ultra-low power consumption. G6 has a 5.0 wireless Bluetooth which provides for hassle-free connection with your mobile devices.



-Ten control buttons

-3-D joystick

-Optimal placement of buttons and joystick

-Good battery life


-Not supported on Android devices.

Source: Amazon

The Steel Series Stratus XL is considered as the gold standard in Bluetooth game controllers by several individuals. It looks and feels a great deal like an Xbox controller, which might or might not be a positive thing relying on your perspective. The weight of the controller means that it doesn’t feel like a cheap piece of plastic.

The Stratus XL has a button layout that will be accustomed to by PlayStation clients. The two joysticks are on the bottom with a d-pad on the left, A, B, X, Y buttons on the right, and two triggers on the rear. The three buttons in the center can control Android actions (Home, Back, etc).



-Actual Console-like controls and layout


-Decent Battery Life


-Uses AA batteries

-A bit more on the expensive side


The main advantage of this COD mobile controller is that you can move, aim, fire, and turn seamlessly by clicking the buttons with your index fingers. This mobile controller frees your thumb from the trouble of making any additional controlling.

This controller comes with a smart cooling fan and a built-in 4000 mAh battery capacity that not only helps to reduce the temperature but charges the mobile as well



-Pretty Decent battery life

-In-built cooling fan

-Comfortable key movement because of joysticks

-Cheap price


-Tight grip might damage phone edges for bigger phones

  • 5. SteelSeries Stratus Duo
Source: Steelseries

It is a truly wireless controller and is compatible with Android, Windows, and VR headsets. It gives you a fantastic gaming experience. It is supplied with a battery that lasts up to 20 hours, making it ideal for night-long gaming sessions and streams.

The SteelSeries Stratus game controller features a ton of top-notch technology. This includes twin joysticks, a four-way directional pad, triggers, shoulder buttons, four action buttons, as well as 3 front-facing buttons.

This game controller has the polish and builds of a PlayStation or Xbox controller like its XL counterpart. This is a controller that you can count on even when there is no power because it does not have a rechargeable battery

Its 2.4Ghz connection ensures you zero lag, which never lets you lose your gunfights in the game.



-Works on Android and PC

-Affordable and ergonomic option

-20 hours of non-stop competitive play


-No Bluetooth adapter included in the box

-No built-in stand for mobile devices.

Source: Medium

This COD mobile controller is going to invigorate your COD addiction more, undoubtedly. Coming to the control panel, users will get six fingers to trigger points, for simultaneously firing, targeting, and functioning. The fire and aiming knobs arrive with 180-degree reversals seeking to make your installation easier.

This controller is compatible with all the major mobile phones be it android or iOS. You would also find the mobile body, as well as the controller, are firmly fixed through three points of contact and attached with a rubber pad to prevent the phone from sliding or getting damaged.


-Good trigger feedback and ergonomics

-Better gameplay

-Good build quality


-Difficult to setup

cod mobile controller
Source: Amazon

This COD mobile controller is adaptable for your PC, as well as Android phones. Users will find an embedded Dual Mode including X- input and Direct- input for better game interoperability. Attributes like analog sticks and ultra-precise D cross is much more of an additional benefit to putting on.

People will get double triggers containing 12 numeric buttons and a special “rapid-fire” with turbo mode. It also supports LED indicators.


-Multiple device compatibility

-Easy to use

-Good haptic feedback


-The network gets disconnected frequently

Source: GameSir

The GameSir G4 Pro can be used with a USB cable or Bluetooth link on phones and tablets very well. It features your conventional assortment of buttons, and also two 360° joysticks, and a D-pad button for peak effectiveness.

The GameSir G4 Pro also boasts a rechargeable 800mAh battery that can last up to 12 hours under normal circumstances. While concerns about their connectivity have been received, the manufacturer seems to have fixed these problems, and the GameSir G4 Pro controller is functioning as it should. A delightful option that will take your game to next level.

The Soft Rubber grip has a non-slip and comfortable texture, which provides gamers with the ability to feel comfortable and reduces grip fatigue.



-Dual vibration feedback motors

-Turbo function for a competitive edge

-Bluetooth connectivity for multi-platform support


-Doesn’t support Bluetooth Connection

Source: Amazon

The DELAM is a cheap choice with several next-level features if you’re looking for an Android game controller for your smartphone. This model boasts a built-in 4000mAh power bank for charging on the go. Never again likely to lose power in the heat of combat!

It also comes with a cooling fan that maintains your precious Android in peak operating conditions, regardless of how intensively it performs. Combine it with a 4-finger ergo grip and button keys, and get on your way to another royal triumph!



-Built-in 4000mAh power bank

-Cooling fan for top performance

-Ergo grip for phones 4.7″-6.5″ long



-Wired connectivity

mobile controller cod
Source: Razer

The Razer Raiju boasts an efficient, ergonomic modular design that’s constructed for long and comfy gaming sessions. On the right side, it includes a joystick and 4 action buttons, while on the left side, it has another joystick and a directional pad. You’ll find 2 shoulder and trigger buttons on the top.

Though the controller is pretty pricey, it provides ridiculous features that you can’t find on lower-end models. Which includes a multi-function button layout, an adjustable phone mount, and Razer Mecha parts. The Razer Raiju Software is also highly adaptable, enabling users to change game modes and levels of sensitivity easily



-Raiju mobile app

-A convenient front-facing phone mount

-Hair Trigger Mode & Sensitivity Clutch Levels


-Very expensive

-Reports of minor issues with the analog sticks

It is fun to play games on smartphones, as you can play your favorite games anywhere. Smartphones have progressed a lot in the gaming world. Playing shooting and other such high-profile games don’t require a PC or a laptop anymore. Mobile devices are nowadays giving console-like graphics with really good frame rates.

On the contrary, playing games on mobile phones may have been a little irritating for 2 purposes. The first one is that the displays on your mobile phones have limited room, and secondly, you cannot use the controls on the touch screen effectively.

If you’re hooked to COD Mobile, you can consider mobile controllers since they dramatically boost your gameplay and enhance your skills.  During the game, you can navigate your triggers flexibly, which was a constraint previously on COD mobile.

Mobile controllers are designed according to your necessities and enhance your COD offensive ability. Since COD is one of the largest smartphone games at the moment, you must also develop your skills accordingly. So, we suggest you opt for these controllers to enjoy the game even more.

Frequently Asked Questions – COD Mobile Controller

1.Which controller is best for cod mobile?

– Best controller for COD Mobile would be the PS4 controller or Xbox controller. If you don’t own one, you can buy any third party controller.

2. Is Cod mobile better with controller?

If you have been playing games on a controller, you can definitely play better with the controller. However, controllers are not allowed in tournaments.

3.What controller works with cod mobile?

Any good quality controller work with COD Mobile. You can even connect your PlayStation or Xbox controller to play COD Mobile.

4.Can I play COD mobile with wired controller?

Yes, you can play COD Mobile with a third-party wired controller.

5.Can you play COD Mobile with a ps4 controller?

Yes, you can play COD Mobile with a PS4 controller. You just need to connect it with your smartphone.

6.Is Xbox 360 controller supported on CoD: Mobile?

Yes, Xbox 360 controller is supported on COD Mobile. You just need to connect it with your iPad or smartphone.

7.Which controller is best for Call of Duty Mobile?

The best controller will be PS4 or Xbox controller. But you can go with the third-party controller too.

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(2022) COD Mobile Controller Settings, Sensitivity

Call of Duty Mobile has always been better able to incorporate contemporary COD content, such as the Modern Warfare and Black Ops series. Many of the modifications have been found relatable by multiple players. As a consequence, COD Mobile was sentimental and nostalgic for most of the players.

However, COD Mobile has always been very compliant with its upgrades with the mandatory launch of new characters, weapons, maps, modes, bonuses, and much more each new season. It’s such an entertaining and engaging game

Today we will be discussing the best controller settings for COD Mobile. So without much ado, let’s dive straight into it.

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COD Mobile Controller Settings & Sensitivity

The controls and settings of Call of Duty mobile are quite easy to understand. Once you have gotten the gist of how the game feels and runs you can easily adjust the game according to you.

To make that process easier for you, we have been actively researching the various modes of the game and also the various settings of the game.

Recently we had produced a list of some of the Best Controllers for COD Mobile. So, it was only a matter of time before we came up with the best controller settings for COD Mobile. Well, the wait has ended. In this article, we will be telling you the most efficient controller setting for COD Mobile

Having started out to configure your controller in the best ways possible, reacquaint yourself with the key mapping under Controller > Key Description. Here users will be able to see all the binds that are currently set as default.

Going over once more to “Settings” in the controller menu, we can begin setting up. Here are the best choices for your controller setup, though you, of course, may personalize them as per your own likes and dislikes. Our settings will get you the closest to the settings you’d find as the default in your console Call of Duty experience.

COD Mobile Controller Settings:


  • X-axis FLIP – Default
  • Y-axis FLIP – Default
  • Flip triggers with bumpers – Default
  • Tap ADS – Hold
  • Auto-Sprint – Off
  • Sprint function – Push left joystick forward

COD Mobile Controller Sensitivity –


  • Horizontal Sensitivity – 125 – 150
  • Vertical Sensitivity – 115 – 150
  • ADS & Non-Scope horizontal Sensitivity – 85 – 100
  • Scope Horizontal Sensitivity – 90 – 100
  • Scope Vertical Sensitivity – 85 – 100
  • Sniper ADS Horizontal Sensitivity – 55 – 80
  • Sniper ADS Vertical Sensitivity – 50 – 80

Although this is a successful and well-known meta for many players, note that it is actively encouraged to adjust this to suit them according to your playing style to make it more seamless for you.


Call of Duty Mobile is currently one of the most downloaded and played FPS games across the massive cellular gaming community. Because of the boatload of players gaming and grinding to the best of their abilities, the competitiveness is higher than ever before.

Every player of Call of Duty Mobile is looking for some way or the other by which they can improve their skills and master certain skills and abilities of the game. This race towards consistent improvement and enhancing one’s skill set, has led players to use different types of finger layouts.

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Call of Duty Mobile originally started out as a game that required a two-finger HUD Layout. However, with the passage of time, players started improvising and trying out 3 and 4 finger play styles.

The reason why players prefer to play by using 3 to 4 fingers, is because the layout of the HUD in case of the 3-4 finger gaming style is somewhat comparable to holding a console/controller. This is precisely because the controller came into existence long before mobile gaming had soared to popularity. Hence, seasoned gamers, find themselves comfortable in the COD Mobile Controller layout using 3 to 4 fingers.

COD: Mobile enables you to play using your fingertips or a controller on a mobile device. The settings for a controller might be difficult to figure out, yet there is agreement on what is deemed “the best.” As a result, there is a broad range of players who use diverse methods to play the game.

There are the seasoned gamers who play the game the way it was designed, using their fingers on a mobile device. However, there is a group of people that prefer to use a controller. For this audience, COD: Mobile developers made it possible to plug in a controller and play matches on your mobile device.

Hollywood music wards cod mobile season 6

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For this very purpose, there is an entirely dedicated section called the COD Mobile Controller Settings. The Controller Settings of COD Mobile lets players pair and connect their controller and configure their controller in the best possible ways to help familiarise them with all the keys and their actions as per their ease.

Using a controller for playing Call of Duty Mobile will let you rest your fingers in a more comfortable and efficient location. It is primarily because a controller was made for the very purpose of gaming. Also, unlike in mobiles, in a controller, a player can easily use 4 fingers or more to control more buttons simultaneously. This in turn will help their character become more agile and better skilled.

On the other hand, using the 4 finger HUD layout is quite cumbersome on small mobile phone displays because of their small size. Using the controller makes it so much easier to play Call of Duty Mobile seamlessly. Configuring the best settings in the Call of Duty Mobile Controller Settings is crucial to using a controller. However, a perfect set of combinations and sensitivity settings cannot be achieved right from the get-go.

Players will have to try out a number of matches using their Controller in COD Mobile to get a gist of it and adjust the Controller settings accordingly in the Settings. So, go ahead and take advantage of the Controller Compatibility in COD Mobile and get your skills sharpened.

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Fix: COD Mobile Controller Not Working

Call of Duty Mobile exploded in prominence shortly after its introduction in 2019, and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down in the near future. The Devs deserve credit for the FPS game’s enduring appeal since they constantly go above and beyond to include new and fresh content to COD Mobile with the passing of each Season.

Additional characters weaponry, maps, modes, and other features serve to lure more and more gamers from around the globe. That said, Season 4 Spurned and Burned of Call of Duty Mobile is already ongoing, and gamers are very preoccupied with the season’s festivities and events

Clan wars, seasonal events, and the Battle Pass benefits have become too alluring. COD Mobile has always been rather consistent with its improvements, with the obligatory introduction of new content with each new season. As a result, the players are working really hard to reap all of the rewards.

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Fix: COD Mobile Controller Not Working

Since the release of COD Mobile, the only thing that has been requested is controller support. And, since Activision always pays heed to the feedback and

COD: Mobile allows players to participate on a mobile phone utilizing their fingers or a joystick/controller. Although the settings for a controller might be tough to figure out, there is consensus on what is considered “the best.” As a consequence, there is indeed a vast spectrum of individuals that enjoy the game in various ways.

Here is how to fix COD Mobile controller not working

  • STEP 1: Link your Controller again

Link your PS4, Xbox or any other controller to your phone via Bluetooth or USB-C port.

  • STEP 2: Restart COD Mobile 

Re-launch Call of Duty: Mobile on your mobile device. If that doesn’t work, try restarting your mobile device.

  • STEP 3: Check Controller Range

Make sure you are using your wireless controller in its range. You can check out the Bluetooth icon in the notifications. If you wireless controller is connected, it will show a connected device.

  • STEP 4: Check Controller Support in game settings

Now, open COD Mobile on your device and go to game-settings. And then in the controller section. See, if controller support is enabled.

  • STEP 5: Check battery levels

Last but not the least, check if the battery levels on your controllers are enough to connect and play. And if not, obviously, you won’t be able to play.

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How to use controller in COD Mobile

COD Mobile controller compatibility was initially enabled once the cellular game was originally released but then was immediately removed for inconsistent circumstances.  However, on November 24th, 2019, Activision confirmed the return of COD Mobile controller compatibility for both Android and iOS devices. At the time of release, only official DualShock PlayStation 4 and Xbox One controllers could be used to play Call of Duty: Mobile.


When users possess a formally approved joystick, there are a couple of factors to keep in mind to improve your gameplay session.  COD Mobile controller support is only available during matches. If you’re playing Battle Royale or a multiplayer game, the joystick will function normally. When you’re in a lobby or an in-game interface, like choosing a loadout, users must utilize the phone’s controls. Connect your controller before starting a match, and pick it up prior to entering the game or lobby.

Bluetooth is the primary method for connecting any compatible joystick to one’s smartphone (although some phones may support a direct-wired connection)

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If users leave their smartphone inactive for an extended period of time, the Bluetooth connectivity might be lost, and users would need to reconnect their phone to the controller. Here’s a brief tutorial on how to set up a controller for Call of Duty: Mobile:

How to use controller in COD Mobile on Android:

  • STEP 1 – Long-press the Bluetooth icon after bringing down the notification shade.
  • STEP 2 – Click Pair new device (or comparable, based on the smartphone).
  • STEP 3 – Press both the PS and Share button until the controller begins to flicker OR press the connect button on the Xbox One controller till the controller begins to flash.
  • STEP 4 – Connect the controller by selecting it from the menu.
  • STEP 5 – The controller will be recognized immediately in-game.

How to use controller in COD Mobile on iOS

  • STEP 1 – Navigate to Settings, select Bluetooth Settings.
  • STEP 2 – Press both the PS and Share buttons till the controller begins to flicker OR hold the connect button on the Xbox One controller till the controller begins to glow.
  • STEP 3 – Pair the controller by selecting it from the Other Devices list.
  • STEP 4 – The controller will be recognized automatically in-game.
  • STEP 5 – It is important to note that your iPhone or iPad must be operating iOS 13 in order for the controllers to link.

In case you were wondering which players will be pitted against you whilst using controllers, you should know, that gamers would exclusively be paired with other controller-wielding players.

When you’re in a party and any one of your party mates wields a controller, you’ll be paired with other controller-wielding individuals. When you compete utilizing the phone’s controls, you would only be paired with other players who are also using the phone’s controllers.

How to fix Xbox & Ps4 Controller in COD Mobile

If you’re a controller fan, it’s only natural that you’d choose to enjoy Call of Duty on your mobile device with an Xbox or PS4 controller. In theory, it’s as easy as utilizing Bluetooth to connect the controller to your phone. The game should then recognize your controller and connect you with other players who are using one as well.

Sometimes, restarting the game and trying to pair the controller all over again from the start might help. This is one of the oldest tricks in the book, however, it does the job most times.

So, players are advised to restart the game and pair their PS4 and Xbox controllers again if it doesn’t work the first time.

Fix: COD Mobile PS4 Controller not working

ps4 controller cod mobile

The implementation of such features always comes with its own pros and cons. The pros of playing COD Mobile with a PS4 Controller would definitely be the ease and convenience as well as the enhanced agility and control.

However, attaching a controller has its own share cons as well. Gamers of Call of Duty Mobile reportedly claimed that the PlayStation 4 controller does not connect with the application.

This seems to be a problem involving certain Android smartphones, although iOS users have also experienced problems getting the PS4 controller to operate with Call of Duty Mobile. Based on a number of Reddit discussions, the problem seems to be with input latency, as well as other game-breaking difficulties such as being unable to adjust the cameras or perhaps even target.

Several gamers have indeed claimed that they are unable to synchronize their PS4 controller. In reaction to the controller troubles on Android, the official Call of Duty Mobile Reddit account indicated that the problem is already known and that it is being examined with no ETA.

Whilst combining your joystick with your phone should be sufficient in theory, some players have discovered that this is not the case. So, first and foremost, make sure that your controller is activated in the game. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Link your PS4 joystick to your phone via Bluetooth.
  • Step 2: Launch Call of Duty: Mobile on your mobile device.
  • Step 3: Select Controller, then Settings from the Settings menu.
    Verify that the control system is marked as Connected and that Controller Support is enabled.

This should guarantee that the joystick is not only attached but also that the game will allow it to work. It’s also worth noting that before you start playing Call of Duty, make absolutely sure your console is connected to your device. This will help you avoid any problems connecting to the device.

Shutting down and relaunching the app has also proven to be effective for players. It’s crucial to understand the difference between closing and minimizing an app.

This problem will not be solved by minimizing the app but leaving the tile open.
Shutting and restarting the app may allow the controller and the game to reconnect appropriately in some cases. As a follow-up to this point, some players have discovered that resetting their phone and then launching a new game can solve the problem.

Fix: COD Mobile Xbox Controller not working

xbox one controller

As reported by and TheVerge, Xbox has finally stopped the production of Xbox One consoles. Probably to focus more on new-gen consoles. But, Xbox One series still remains one of the best consoles when it comes to user experience. Xbox One controllers are much more seamless and easier to connect as compared to Sony’s controllers

But, still Xbox users have complained of their controllers not working whilst connecting to COD Mobile.

Now, our team of dedicated researchers has found some sort of a temporary trick that seems to be resolving the issue. Whenever users start COD: Mobile without first attaching their controller, it would most likely not function. The game detects it and reports that a controller is attached, but your buttons and sticks have no effect.

Whenever this error pops up,

  • Step 1: Quit the COD: Mobile app in the App Switcher (not simply minimize it)
  • Step 2: Double-check that your controller is properly connected to your smartphone
  • Step 3: Relaunch the game.

This has been the most common trend with COD Mobile Xbox Controller users. So, try the above-mentioned method to see if your Xbox controller works and gets connected with COD Mobile.

Conclusion: COD Mobile Controller not working

While there really is no workaround for the COD Mobile Controller not working issue. The issues with the PS4 Controller not connecting to COD Mobile seems to be impacting Android users greater than iOS users, but still, no patch has been released, and the problem is still being researched

PS4 controllers may be connected to the iPad through USB for much more dependable connectivity. We don’t suggest it for COD: Mobile, which is much more finicky with tethered controllers.

Furthermore, if you already have an Xbox One controller, try that instead of a PS4 controller. Microsoft’s controllers seemed to operate better with COD: Mobile than Sony’s, however, PS4 controllers are also compatible with the game. So, all the players who are facing these issues, can try and apply age-old tricks like restarting and reconnecting to see if they can get them to work. Apart from that COD Mobile Devs should be releasing a patch soon enough to resolve all the issues.

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How to get Sickle in COD Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile has quickly become one of the most popular first-person shooter games on the smartphone platform. With the Season 4 update, players have been grinding more than ever to unlock all of the perks that come with the new version. The plethora of incentives available in the Seasonal Events and Battle Pass are enticing gamers to play the game more frequently.

Players have gone into hyper-competitive mode as a result of the new items. The new weapons and bonuses have piqued the interest of gamers, who want to get their hands on them as soon as possible. In Season 4, the Battle Pass and Seasonal Events provide free new weapons, skins, and other items. The Sickle is one of them. This season, the Sickle is free to use. It can be found under the Seasonal Events section.

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How to get Sickle in COD Mobile 

Call of Duty Mobile is renowned for releasing new weapons and perks through the Seasonal area under Events, as well as crates, bundles, and lucky drawings. Previously, the sickle might be found in bundles or crates. However, gaining the sickle was fairly costly because acquiring an Epic melee weapon in the first round of buying a crate is quite unlikely.

So, Season 4 offers a fantastic opportunity to obtain the weapon for free for those who were unable to obtain the sickle in prior seasons.

Every season, the Seasonal Section under Events is essentially renewed. This area offers a variety of prizes such as weapon skins, character skins, perks, charms. This all can be acquired by completing a series of tasks in the correct order.

How to get Sickle in COD Mobile

The ‘Sickle’ may be discovered in the Razor Sharp segment of Seasonal challenges in Season 4. After finishing the sixth mission of Razor Sharp, the sickle is unlocked. It is incredibly simple and takes very little time. The players can get sickle in COD Mobile in 10 minutes if one concentrates on completing all the tasks effectively.

To unlock this, you have to kill the same opponent three times in MP matches twice. To complete this mission, we suggest you hop into a mode that spawns fewer amount of players. Through this, you can kill the same opponent them 3 times. However, the most suitable modes for this will be Free for All and Gunfight. Since the opponents in these modes are not so much, and also they frequently spawn so you will be able to kill them 3 times easily.

Also, keep in mind that you have to do this twice. That means you have to play two matches and accomplish the above-mentioned tasks in both matches. After completing this task twice, you will get the Sickle in your inventory. From the inventory, you can equip the Sickle and enjoy this cool melee weapon whenever you want.

That’s it for today’s guide on how to get Sickle in Call of Duty Mobile. Grind the newly available items and tell us how fast you unlocked your favorite item in this season. Till next time, stay safe and follow us for more upcoming gaming coverage.

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How to earn Melee Master Medal in COD Mobile (BR)

Call of Duty Mobile is one of the highest acquired and loved first-person shooter games in the massive cellular gaming business. With the introduction of every season arrives a fresh and creative influx of characters, guns, maps, and modes, and this is precisely what draws gamers from all over the world to the encounter.

Activision has frequently pushed above and beyond to add new products and unlockable content in COD Mobile in order to have players hooked and active throughout the season.

Following Activision’s move to update the Seasonal Sequence, COD Mobile is now in its fourth season. To really be truthful, it is simultaneously surprising and impressive that the Devs haven’t ever run out of excuses and have often gone above and beyond to bring a lot of innovative and unique content to the game with each successive season. In this post, we will discuss something related to the recently released COD Mobile content.

Hollywood music wards cod mobile season 6

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How to earn Melee Master Medal in COD Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile has essentially consistently emphasized rewarding players and making them feel pleased with their accomplishments, regardless of how big or small. That is primarily why the game boasts unique features such as achievements, awards, and trophies.

Such awards are often used to evaluate a player’s talents, response time, and other key competencies. These medals also serve as a measure of a player’s success and advancement in the game. Presently, there really are 86 Medals attainable both for the Multiplayer and Battle Royale modes.

Season 4 of COD Mobile has introduced brand-new Seasonal Events to the game. These tasks are essentially a series of quests that gamers must accomplish in order to obtain various decorative prizes, Battle XP, Credits, and other items.

One of the latest events under the Seasonal Events section is the Razor Sharp event. The Razor Sharp event is an amalgamation of 7 unique missions/tasks which the players can complete in order, to attain some really intriguing rewards including the Brand-new melee weapon – The Sickle.

melee master medal battle royale

One of the missions under the Razor Sharp section of Seasonal events is to get the Melee Master medal in a Battle Royale match once, excluding the Warfare mode. Some players seem to be stuck here. Fret not, we will help you complete the task.

So, to earn Melee master medal, players must kill four or more opponents using a melee weapon. Nevertheless, this can only be accomplished in the battle royale classic mode, and not in the warfare mode.

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We would suggest you drop at the very last from the dropship. This way, there might be a possibility that some bots also land with you. That way, you can get some easy kills with the melee weapon right away.

Players must complete this task during the Razor sharp event to gain the punk skull spray and go on to unlock Sickle in COD Mobile. Now you guys know how to get the Melee Master Medal in COD Mobile.

Go ahead and start slaying the enemies with your melee weapons in BR matches.

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How to play against friends in COD Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile is one of the most fluid tactical shooter games on mobile. The game is a mash-up of all prior incarnations of the Call of Duty franchise, giving its player base a sense of nostalgia. Many COD Mobile users like playing with their friends.

However, many of the players like to do friendly combat with their friends. Some of the players love to 1v1 or challenge some other group to play against them. Apart from the Battle Royale mode, players can play against their friends.

Today we are going to discuss the same topic. So, here is our guide on How to play against friends in COD Mobile. Let’s hope into the guide without any further ado.

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How to play against friends in COD Mobile

To start a game to play against friends in COD Mobile, just launch a private multiplayer match and use the in-game features to invite the person you want to play with. In a COD Mobile Private match, you may employ a variety of settings. This contains a kill limit, a time limit, spectators, the ability to invite others, and the ability to create a password for the room.

Players can play a variety of game modes such as Team Deathmatch, Domination, Hardpoint, Search & Destroy, Free for All, and many more including those which are not currently available in Public matches. You can customize every game mode you wish to play. However, follow the below-mentioned steps to create a private match in COD Mobile.

  • STEP 1 – Firstly, you have to launch the game, on the left side of the screen, pick multiplayer.

How to play against friends in COD Mobile

  • STEP 2 – Once you are in multiplayer,  click on the ‘≡’ icon located on the top-right corner.

How to play against friends in COD Mobile

  • STEP 3 – Now select the option “Private.” This will launch a Private Multiplayer Lobby, as shown in the image below.

Private Lobby

  • STEP 4 – Once you are in the private lobby, you can invite your friends and then start the game with any game mode and settings you want.

Now, you can enjoy yourself with your friends with a variety of game modes and customization. That’s all with today’s guide on How to play against friends in COD Mobile. Till next time, stay safe and follow us for more upcoming gaming coverage.

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How to put space in your name in COD Mobile

Call to Duty Mobile exploded in popularity shortly after its release in 2019, and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. The Devs deserve credit for the FPS game’s enduring popularity because they always go through so much to implement unique and refreshing material to COD Mobile with the passing of each Season.

With the release of each season comes an original and innovative surge of characters, firearms, maps, and modes, which is what makes the experience so enticing to players from around the world.

Currently, players are busy grinding to the best of their abilities to get their hands on all the rewards and goodies which Season 4 Spurned and Burned of Call of Duty Mobile has brought along with it. That being said, in this article, we will be talking about something on the ground of personalization. So, let’s get started.

Hollywood music wards cod mobile season 6

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How to put space in your name in COD Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile and Activision studios are great believers in the Personalization and customization of a character from head to toe. That is precisely the reason we have got a ton of camos for all the weapons in the arsenal along with a boatload of characters and their associated camos.

This is because Activision wants all the players out there to find their preferred choice of characters in the game and personalize it according to them. One of the very crucial factors in the personalization process is the Name of the character.

The name is crucial because it will become a name by which other players can identify him in-game. It will most likely be the name by which his/her name might end up calling him. It can be his signature and also, it will form a very important part of his gaming identity.

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That’s right, every player out there wants to give their personas a good and unique name. And Call of Duty Mobile provides just that. The naming of a character is usually done at the beginning of the game. However, if you want to rename your character you can read our “How to rename Character in COD Mobile” article.

But the thing which we are going to discuss today is to add a space between your name if you want to. COD Mobile, unfortunately, doesn’t allow spaces in between the name if you hit the spacebar. However, there are alternate ways to do so too. We have got you covered, just follow the given steps.

  • To add a space in your name first of all go to this link.
  • Copy the Space between the 2 S characters.
  • Now head over to the naming section under the profile section of your character.
  • Use a rename card and Paste the copied Space wherever you want it.

There is another method to get the space in your name too. Follow the given steps:

  • If you come across another player whose username has a space in it, click on his player info.
  • Once his profile pops up, copy his name by clicking on the copy option.
  • Now paste it in the rename section of your profile.
  • Delete the parts of the name you don’t want however, be careful not to erase the space too.
  • Now customize as you want it.

Now you know how to add a space to your name head over to your games and add that much anticipated hit of personalization to the name of your character.

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How to get Dogs in COD Mobile (Battle Royale)

Call of Duty Mobile soared to popularity soon after its release back in 2019 and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to stop anytime soon. The credit for the undying popularity of the FPS game goes to the Devs who always go above and beyond to incorporate new and fresh content to COD Mobile with the passage of every Season.

The new characters, weapons, maps, modes, and much more, always help to garner the attention of more and more players from across the world. That being said, Season 4 Spurned and Burned of Call of Duty Mobile is underway as we speak and players are really busy with this season’s activities and events.

The Clan wars, seasonal events, and the rewards of the Battle Pass are all too appealing. Hence, the players are really grinding to the best of their abilities to reap all the benefits.

Hollywood music wards cod mobile season 6

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How to get Dogs in COD Mobile (Battle Royale)

Dogs have always been an integral unit of the storyline of mainstream Call of Duty titles like COD Modern Warfare, COD Ghosts, etc. In fact, in real life also, dogs serve a crucial position in most armies, hence it was only a matter of time before COD Mobile decided to add Dogs to the game.

In Call of Duty Mobile, the Canine unit is being called the K-9 unit, which kind of makes sense. Also, most of the players have been asking a lot of questions regarding the incorporation of dogs in COD Mobile.

For those of you who don’t know and are wondering “How do I get Dogs in COD Mobile?”, worry not. Our team of dedicated researchers is there to answer your queries and help you with them.

Clown class k9 unit br cod mobile

Now, in the Battle Royale mode of Call of Duty Mobile, there is a class called the Clown Class. Previously, upon activation, the Clown Class of Call of Duty Mobile used to deploy a fleet of Zombies that used to attack any and all enemies nearby. However, in the new update, it has been changed.

To get yourself a ferocious Dog in Battle Royale matches of Call of Duty Mobile all you have to do is equip the Clown class. Once the class gets charged up, Activate it. A dog will get summoned out of nowhere and it will start attacking enemy units in the vicinity.

This dog of the Clown Class in BR will also help you get out of tricky situations by keeping the enemies busy by attacking them.

k9 unit clown class br

For players who haven’t yet unlocked the clown class, they can unlock it by completing the second mission of the Survival of the Fittest Seasonal Event.

Apart from this, you can also summon dogs or rather the K9 Unit in the Multiplayer mode of the game. It has been made possible by the brand-new K9 Unit Operator Skill. This new operator skill allows players to summon their very own best friend on the battlefield.

k9 operator skill
Image Source: @codmINTEL

A k9 Dog can be summoned and will detect enemies around you and attack them. This is very useful for players who are up against stealth players.

However, it will get launched on the 4th of June and as of now, the status remains ‘Stay Tuned’.

Now, you guys know all about summoning dogs on the battlefield be it the BR mode or the Multiplayer mode. So, that sums it all up for the question “How to get dogs in COD Mobile?”. Go ahead and try summoning the dogs in the game.

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How to use Class Chip in COD Mobile Battle Royale

Call of Duty Mobile has definitely established itself as a competent, perhaps one of the best, FPS Shooting games on the smartphone platform. The Call of Duty franchise has already been a behemoth of a game across other platforms. So, it is not surprising to see that Call of Duty mobile has become one of the most played and downloaded games on mobile devices.

Activision Studios sure does come up with some innovative ideas with every season. With the launch of every season in Call of Duty Mobile, we get to see the addition of new characters, weapons, maps, modes, and much more. That is primarily the reason that has kept thousands of gamers engaged and entertained even after so many reasons.

Keeping the streak going, Call of Duty Mobile has also come up with some fresh and exciting new stuff for Season 4 Spurned and Burned. In this article, we will be talking about the new additions to the game. So, let’s get right into it.

Hollywood music wards cod mobile season 6

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How to use Class Chip in COD Mobile Battle Royale

Season 4 Spurned and Burned of Call of Duty Mobile has brought along with it a barrage of fresh and creative Seasonal events, just like Activision has done in all the previous seasons. Players are all grinding to the best of their abilities to get their hands on all the unlockable items and rewards which the events have to offer.

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Under this season’s Seasonal event section, there is a particular event named the Gold or Nothing event, which has garnered quite a lot of players. The final rewards of the set of missions under the Gold or Nothing event are an Epic Kilo Bolt Action – Constable skin.

chip class cod mobileOne of the missions under the Gold or Nothing event is to Use the Class Chip in the Battle Royale mode of COD Mobile 3 times. Now, for those of you who don’t know what it refers to we will help you out.

To do the above-mentioned event, you have to first start a Battle Royale classic match. Equip your character with the preferred Class. Once you are done with that and have landed on the map, look out for purple dots (squares) on the map.

You will find the Chip Class at these locations to boost your base class. Travel to that region and pick up and use a Chip class. Your class will now become Purple in color to indicate that Chip class has been activated.

Once Chip class has been activated, make sure to use your class at least 3 times in the BR Match. Once you use your class 3 times in the match, the mission will have been completed and you can collect the rewards and proceed to do the next mission.

There you go. Now you are all set with the Class Chip mission. Better head out to a Battle Royale match and complete the mission to get your hands on the Epic Kilo skin.

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