Food Brings People Together and at Its Essence is Love, Life and the Heart of Society

Food can sustain life, but it is much more than what we need to nourish our bodies. The essence of food is the core of love, life and society. Food brings people together. This is the common flavor of friendship and community. We like to enjoy the taste and texture of food with others. Usually, through these shared experiences, intimacy will develop, memories will exist, and relationships will develop.

We deeply remember our childhood eating experiences and usually hope to replicate those tastes that remind us of home. Food is the core of our family and relationships. Certain aromas bring us back to the people and places we care about in time. We remember family picnics and food festivals.

No matter who we are and what culture we come from, every society will seriously consider meals for family, friends and even strangers. Food is love. This is true whether we are cooks or eat.

Food is the core of society. We learn how to behave in society and interact with others based on eating habits as we grow up. We keep in touch with people near and far through food. Because of global trade and trade, we are interdependent. The food on our table comes from farmers all over the world.

Food connects us more than any other element in society. Our lives are affected emotionally by food production all over the world. In some countries, people are hungry, while in other countries, people get sick from food.

Nichiren, the 13th-century Buddhist leader and philosopher who was exiled abroad, thanked the believers for sending him food: “Rice is not just rice, it is life itself.” Food itself is life. This is the connection between us. Food is the core of love, life and society. Appropriately, the food that is most beneficial to our body is also the most beneficial to our society.

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