Prosecco – From Bellini to Valdobbiadene

Prosecco received bad rap for the worst wines sold under this distinction and label. Over the years, the unethical mass producers of this carbonated fresh wine have kept prices down in Europe and the United States, so much so that if you recall the worst wedding or hangover, you wake up, Prosecco is very It may be involved. In the worst case, many trained or untrained tasters can distinguish the unique flavor of a wet dog and the green wood with a desperate color.

For other unfortunate souls, Prosecco evokes a nightmare of disgusting sweetness and artificially added peach flavors, pairing this notorious wine and grapes with the foul wine of the same name. They were taken out of dirty machines in convenience stores, which were installed behind bars in Italian chain restaurants like The Olive Garden. All this was done under the pen name of Bellini.

This is not Prosecco, nor Bellini, and should be capitalized out of respect for its namesake. Prosecco is the hometown of grapes in the Veneto region of northeastern Italy, growing in the foothills of the Alps. Although in the past, Prosecco provided semi-sweet products with almost no carbonation, it has reached maturity and at its best: fresh, violent effervescent, lemon-flavored thongs And a touch of almonds and honey. By adding crab or squid and a picnic basket, it is a perfect summer wine. Despite the uneven quality, it is generally believed that the wines made by Charmat in the Valdobbiadan region are of the best quality.

The Charmat method is completely different from the method used in Champagne. In Champagne, the second fermentation occurs in the bottle, and the bottle needs to be rotated every day to ensure equal fermentation. In contrast, the Charmat method uses a large pressurized tank for a second, faster fermentation. This method can protect the vitality of this grape, which is why it is often drunk in the release year.

Bellini is not too sweet. Instead, it is an ethereal blend of white peaches from the region and this fresh and passionate wine. For years, the Venetians have been marinating peaches with wine, and it was at the famous Harry’s Bar in Venice, where they found a glass of wine together.

Harry’s Bar (Harry’s Bar) is famous for Ernest Hemingway and Orson Welles, a pair of infamous frequent drinkers. It opened in 1931. So far, it has been the most famous bar in Venice, although it is often sold out by tourists. The owner, Giuseppe Cipriani, is old-fashioned and romantic. In 1948, the muse when he made the Muse cocktail was like a shawl worn by a saint depicted in Giovanni Bellini’s 15th century paintings. Cipriani was attracted by Toga’s color since he was a child and vowed to reproduce it. He did it with his Bellini artwork.

When you join Prosecco, the world will try Prosecco again, especially when the story transfers to the hills of Valdobbiadene.

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