Say No to Penis Chafing: What to Use When the Lube Runs Out

It’s kind of like toilet paper. That’s it. Because even though the bottle is still full or there are still a lot of paper rolls, there is no worries. everything is fine. However, as the depletion began, the brain began to pop up suddenly. “Hey, man-remember to bring some lube.” Then, of course, he found nothing. What should I do if I reach the moment of need quickly and then prosper? Without it, one can count on penis bruises. Hmm…is it worth the risk?

The feeling of stitch by stitch. Redness. rash. It is painful for the fierce firepower to pass such fierce air.

No, a broken penis is not worth any risk. But what should one use when one runs out of lubricant? Some things that people recommend are different in safety and success.

Anti-penis hot pot grease substitute 1: Aloe

The unlikely champion, but of all the alternatives, it may be the best. It is smooth, soothing, and is generally safe for sensitive skin (say five times faster). However, it must be 100% pure aloe. It is also odorless, safe for latex condoms, and has been proven to prevent yeast infections.

Disadvantage: The disadvantages of this alternative method are small. Just make sure to test the patch first before applying it to the naughty seat, because a small group of people may be annoyed by it. In addition, if it is not 100% aloe, it will irritate women’s teeth.

overall: Best family choice around.

prompt: Burns and Bahrain are on hand.

Anti-penis hot pot lubricant substitute 2: olive oil

This may be the first step that a person thinks can protect themselves from an inflamed penis burn. Good at pizza and penis. It can be used for vagina and anal sex as well as solo.

Disadvantage: Break down the condom. It is also very thick and does not dissolve easily on the skin, which traps bacteria and causes infection in private areas. Olive oil can also stain the sheets.

overall: You can only work in critical junctures, but you can only work once or twice. Never work when you need to use a condom.

prompt: After using olive oil, shower thoroughly. Clean all oil stains.

Anti-penis hot pot lubricant substitute 3: Vitamin E oil

Vitamin E is a good skin moisturizer and can be found in many medicine cabinets. It has a strong sliding coefficient and is quite safe for the penis.

Disadvantage: It will also decompose condoms. It may also stimulate the secret garden of female partners.

overall: There are worse things to use, but only in emergencies.

prompt: Please perform a patch test first to ensure that there are no allergens or skin irritation.

Anti-penis hot pot lubricant substitute 4: coconut oil

What can’t coconut oil be used for? This ubiquitous motor oil is also a possibility for lubrication, but remember, it is still motor oil! Compared to other oils, it is generally lighter and more greasy, and can sink into the skin faster.

Disadvantage: It can break down condoms (does it sound like a broken record?). It also destroys the pH of the vagina and increases the risk of yeast infections in female partners.

overall: If it is the only option, it may be the best oil.

prompt: This has become a popular choice for those who enjoy anal sex without a condom.

Anti-penis hot pot lubricant substitute 5: water and corn starch

Yes, it sounds strange and requires some preparation time. However, this DIY lubricant has a smooth and silky texture and is naturally hypoallergenic. It will not be eaten on latex condoms.

Disadvantage: It takes about 20 minutes to make this mixture. If the weather is too cold, it will become lumpy and require a lot of stirring. Who has time to get hot at this time?

overall: This is one of the better and safer options out there. It can even be made in advance and stored for later use.

prompt: Add some sexy role-playing in an apron to increase foreplay and excitement and make it sound a little modest.

No matter what kind of grease is used, be sure to thoroughly clean and rinse the penis after use.Men should also use specially formulated penis health cream (Health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which has been clinically proven to be safe and gentle on the skin) Keep skin soft, silky and free from irritation. Although trying to use alternative greases before waiting for the arrival of Amazon packaging, moisturizing and rejuvenating the penis should be prioritized every day, including high-quality penis health creams.

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