Shocking Non Traditional Advertising Ideas

Marketing Your business, your thoughts, your enthusiasm and even yourself are sometimes confused. Maybe you think you have done all the right things to make your own existence possible.You have registered all popular Social network Attractions. You have joined community networking groups, regional chambers of commerce, and even managed to break away from the actual “work” day and participate in monthly social events at local drinking places, only to find the same faces and the same social networks telling the same story. You have been busy completing this rotating task before 1,800 lunch meetings, and your hard work has not paid much for it. Not to mention the bigger waistline in the online buffet lunch at Olive Garden.

So, what is the biggest secret that attracts attention?what is A sure way to get a second look? What is the secret of Crabby Patty? wait! That is completely different and has nothing to do with this story! still is? Although Crabby Patties does have nothing to do with your company or business style, the facts mentioned in this article will make you reconsider. You continue reading, right? The fashionable fish cakes swallowed by the people at the bottom of the bikini really have a certain meaning here. Take a bite and read on!

It’s really simple-a bit bold, but still very simple. You must be willing to put yourself in every aspect. You must be willing to wear pink when others are still wearing black clothes formally. In the bottomless pit of communication and media, this is too competitive. Sometimes, the secret is not the true meaning of Crabby Patty, but more, so how can you show the hungry world delicious, delicious, one-of-a-kind, flame-grilled fish dishes.

1) Shocked their socks

It’s not enough to just present your ideas, Your product, Your passion for the universe, and hope that some excellent consumers will magically think that this is the best concept they have ever heard of. No, you have to add delicious bread, juicy pickles, special seasonings, and then serve it in a shocking and effective way-perhaps on a large plate lined with gold. In other words, sometimes you just need to shock their company socks from them. This is a good example of the vibration method, which is actually suitable for freight business owners who are trying to sell via 5 trucks.

The business owner tried to make a deal with this company in northern New Jersey-this is not the easiest business owner to deal with. There are 5 trucks on the production line that may be sold. The head of the trucking industry carried 5 people, 5 shiny new trucks filled with all the bells, and led a convoy from his company office in Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania. There are no warning emails. No calls in advance. They just did it. Five shiny trucks and their five enthusiastic drivers acted boldly. This great idea of ​​the truck company owner caused a sensation in his competition, shocking not only the buyers of the truck, but also the competitors. He embarked on a smooth road in shock and made a fortune!

Try something shocking!

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