Texting Tips For Guys

So you are attending a party and trying to get a girl number. Big! You might think that the war has been won…think again. Most girls give numbers like outdated. Congratulations, you basically did nothing. What are you going to do now? call her? Probably a good idea. If you think that there are too many actual voice-to-voice phone calls, text messaging is a novel idea.

I will take you to send text messages to women by helping us complete short stories through 5w short stories with a 5th grade English teacher.


This is a simple process, but it cannot be ignored. You should text the girl you really like. I noticed that men often send text messages to girls they like instead of texting to girls they really like. I know it’s easier to hang out with girls you know, but if you don’t like them, what’s the point? Don’t make the mistake of getting along with girls you are not interested in, because you are afraid of rejection. Go ahead and be more confident, then text the girl to let you see that you really like it.


When texting a girl, this may be the most important time of 5 weeks. What do most men text girls when they want to start a conversation?


Eric: Hi, Ashley, it’s Eric Rea, remember I went to the party on Friday? How are you? How are you doing this weekend?

Now for a person, this seems to be the ideal text message. error!

This is the problem with this text:

1. Tell her who you are: If you are smart, you can make sure that she enters her phone number into her phone the night she receives her. If not, you still should not declare your identity in the first text. If you are a mysterious person at first, she will be even more fascinated.

2. Word count = 22: This is terrible! The 22-word text message you sent was: “I really like you, so I wrote a long text to tell you how interested I am in you.” You really want to be What did the girl hanging out with you say?

3. Questions: Do not ask questions in the first text. You should always give the girl a chance and then ask you another question. The problem is a way that texters say they want the conversation to continue. I mean to be honest, do you really care about “what’s wrong?” or “how are you?”. I do not think so…

Here are some rules about texting girls:


-The initial text is less than 3 words: Why ask? Because the content is not important when texting a girl. The important part of the first text is when your name pops up on the phone and displays “New Message from Eric”. That’s why you show her interest. Apart from that, everything makes you look too fanatical and over-busy. We all know that women don’t want what they already have. The first text I give a girl is usually a word “(insert girl’s name)”. I know it sounds a bit slow, but it works.

-Less is better: In the message before the first text, you should always try and answer as little as possible. Remember: you don’t have to comment on everything she says.

A bad example is if you ask a girl what she did, then answer:

Ashley (Ashley): I go to school in the morning, then go to the olive grove for lunch with my girlfriend, and now I am going to the gym. What about you

Eric: Oh, cool, I went to school today. What school are you attending? I like Olive Garden. Do you like their salads? I am also considering going to the gym. What are you doing after the gym?

A better response is:

Eric: Oh, cool, do you want to do something after the gym?

Do you see that girl sounds better? You deleted all the nonsense about “Oh, I like it too” and “I am also interested in this”, and then you directly figure out the real reason you texted her, that is, you want to see her.


Your location when texting a girl may seem trivial, but it can actually have a big impact on the way you text.

When you are actively participating in other activities, it is best to text women. Whether hanging out with friends or at work, participating in other activities will have a positive impact on your text communication. My reasoning behind this logic is based on the fact that when your main activity is texting a girl, you end up thinking too much about every detail of the conversation. This may cause you to see too long text messages in the previous category, as well as quick response texts, which we will discuss in detail in the when section. On the other hand, if your text message conversation is a secondary or third activity, your chances of overconsidering your answers will be greatly reduced, and the end of the conversation will not be so frustrating.


In the world of texting, time is everything. So when should I send text messages to future lovers? This is a very good question.

The rule about this is not too late, and not too early. You never want to send text messages to girls before 11 am. If you do, it looks like you are thinking of her, which makes you look like a stalker. You don’t want her to wake up from your text messages. This also exudes a weird atmosphere.

Even worse than early morning text is late night text. Unless the girl suffers from severe keratoses, the words written after 9pm or 10pm will burn. There are two reasons why you should never send late-night text messages. The first is because when a girl is with another man, you never want to text. The second reason is that if you text a girl after 9pm, even if you look at what she is doing next week, she will think you are looking for stolen goods. In most cases, girls do not like to be disturbed by stolen goods. If they think you are a stolen goods caller, then your chances will be defeated.


Why do we text girls? Well, I don’t know you, but when I text a girl, it’s because I intend to hang out with her. If your answer to this question is more than that, then you are likely to fall into a circle of friends.

This is an important rule: purposeful text.

If you start texting girls, it’s best to develop an action plan. The worst text conversation is that you can’t do anything, so plan and stay focused. 9 out of 10 times, your conversation should reach a climax, ask her if she wants to go out and play. If you don’t do this, the woman will think: “Wow, Eric is a very good person. He texted me just to see my performance. He will be a good friend.” If If you confidently ask her to do something, the woman will think: “Wow, Eric wants to hang out with me. He is handsome and looks interesting. I’m very happy to go out and play.” You see Get the difference? You must let her know from the beginning that you don’t want another friend, but you are interested in getting to know her for romantic reasons.

If you don’t feel on the phone yet, texting is a great way to communicate with girls. If you follow these simple guidelines, the textual relationship with the girl will improve, and you will be able to find that special person.

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